Since we kicked off in 1998, Avatar has worked with hundreds of companies on web site promotions and search engine optimisation.

Web Site Promotions

Web site promotion is the ongoing process of generating more traffic. This can be done in a huge variety of ways. A good place to start is to consider your target audience and your primary web site goals. Each web site is different, so the Avatar team will customise a unique strategy for each client we work with.

Web Site Promotions Process

First, ensure your web site is correctly optimised for the keyword phrases that your customers are searching for. Be sure to have an ongoing SEO strategy, it's not something that can be done once and forgotten about. From there, to further boost your rankings and website authority, you need to consider a range of online marketing and web site promotions. Develop outstanding content and promote it in the right places. Use channels such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Create an email newsletter list. It's all about truly engaging with your target audience.

Mark Rocket"Avatar has provided web site promotion services to hundreds of websites around the planet. It's an exciting, dynamic industry that has changed so much, but the business fundamentals remain the same. You need to present your products or services in a compelling way, reinforce your unique selling points and make people an offer they can't refuse."
Mark Rocket

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